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Happy New Year

DAS Geospatial would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our TxDOT teaming partners who have trusted us as your Aerial Mapping/LiDAR sub provider.

 We are extremely grateful for the Engineer and Survey firms who choose DAS to be a part of their TxDOT journey! 

With 20 plus years of TxDOT experience, DAS continues to provide our expert geospatial services on hundreds of TxDOT projects with Districts throughout the state.

DAS is geared up for 2021 and looks forward to serving our TxDOT clients as well as establishing new teaming partnerships! 

Let us know how we can add value to your next TxDOT pursuit!

DAS is DBE and HUB certified and TxDOT pre-certified for the following:


- 15.3.1 Aerial Mapping
- 15.3.4 Airborne/Mobile LiDAR
- 15.3.2 Terrestrial Photogrammetry


We are looking forward to working with you throughout 2021.

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