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Processing UAV Acquired Data

Who is processing your UAV mapping data? Just about anyone can learn to acquire imagery and then generate a point cloud using popular, automated software. You cannot expect a "push button" solution, which utilizes only an automated workflow, to deliver design-level accuracy. Read about how DAS' specialized software and skilled staff delivers design-level accuracy.

Full Point Cloud image.jpg
Bare Earth image.jpg

In the sUAS industry, accuracy is the name of the game. Read about the various components DAS implements to accurately assess, acquire, and process UAV mapping to meet specific client or project requirements. 

Drawing on over 40 years of DAS' aerial mapping experience, the integration of sUAS technology is a natural fit. Read how DAS' new sUAS division, GENEsUAS (pronounced Genesis), offers clients an additional means of acquiring aerial imagery while still delivering engineer design level mapping.

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